SUNDAY SHOWCASE: Meet Bernadette O’Connor

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SUNDAY SHOWCASE: Meet Bernadette O’Connor

Bernadette O’Connor, author of Let’s Go Home.

Click Bernadette’s image to watch Let’s Go Home trailer.

Welcome to my Sunday Showcase where I am delighted to feature wonderful authors and illustrators. Everyone has successfully journeyed the path of publishing with my guidance and I am so proud to share interesting insights into what makes them unique.

I am delighted to introduce my second author, Bernadette O’Connor, author of Let’s Go Home. You can grab your copy here.

Interview with Bernadette O’Connor

1. Where do you get your ideas? From the work I do as a Kinesiologist assisting people explore and understand the deeper aspects of their being. Their stories and my general observations of people experiencing life. These sit with me, but the ideas ‘download’ onto me and infiltrate my consciousness until I begin to write.
2. If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Bali, because when I am there, I reach a place within myself that is so close to Divine that I can create magic. I write from a place that I cannot explain and the words flow from me in the most extraordinary way. I am feeling a calling to go back for just 5 days by myself to sink into my next book.
3. How did publishing your first book change your writing process? Now that I have an understanding of publishing, I don’t think that my writing has changed form or style, I am still definitely writing from an intuitive place. Yet I think my steps through the editing and publishing will be more confident and empowered, rather than feeling like I was fumbling in the dark as I learnt.
4. Do you have any strange writing habits? I write a letter to myself or my character before I start a writing session. It usually begins with ‘Hey how are you? What are we going to write about today? Am I in the space that I need to be to receive you? What do you need me to do?’ And then I write the response I receive from either my higher self or from the energy of the character I am connected with. And once I am ready, it usually ends with ‘righto lets do this’. And then I put music in my ears (theta healing tunes) and away I go into a space and allow the words to flow from me.
5. What is your favourite quote? You Always Had The Power My Dear, You Just Had to Learn It For Yourself. Glenda from Wizard of Oz
6. How do you choose the names for your       characters? I don’t they come to me and if it is not clear then I muscle test until I get clarity!
7. Which of your characters would you be least likely to get along with? There is a character in my new book, I don’t know his name yet, but I know his energy and how he thinks and what he does. I don’t want to connect with him because he is so closed minded and cold hearted.
8. What literary character is most like you? I am very similar to the character of Tabitha in Let’s Go Home. But I also feel a close alignment in some ways to a character in The Witch of Portobello – she was a mentor to the main character. She was very human in her experience, yet very wise in her guidance.
9. What is the most difficult thing about writing        a character from the opposite sex? I haven’t found it hard at all, I think because I write from a heart space and emotions and how one feels doesn’t differ because of sex.
10. What is the hardest thing about writing? Making the time to do it consistently.
11. What got left out of the final draft? A whole chapter that tied up many loose ends! Fortunately it was found and rewoven into the final manuscript.
12. If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be? Yep your different but that is your gift, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. You are needed.
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Thank you so much for sharing yourself so openly with us Bernadette. It was great to get to know you better.

You can buy a copy of  Let’s Go Home from here and you can connect with Bernadette on facebook or instagram.

Next week on the Sunday Showcase we will be featuring Teena Raffa-Mulligan.

With Love, Karen. x

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