Sunday Showcase: Meet Nadia L. King

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Sunday Showcase: Meet Nadia L. King

Nadia L.King, Serenity Press author of Jenna’s Truth.

Image credit: Louise Allen.

Click the image to watch Nadia talk about her book.

Welcome to my Sunday Showcase where I am delighted to feature wonderful authors and illustrators. Everyone has successfully journeyed the path of publishing with my guidance and I am so proud to share interesting insights into what makes them unique.

I am delighted to introduce Serenity Press author, Nadia L.King, author of Jenna’s Truth. You can grab your copy here.

Interview with Nadia L. King

1. Where do you get your ideas? My ideas come from observation, from watching life unfold around me.
2. If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I am right where I need to be. I love being at home in my own space with time to dream a little and write stories.
3. How did publishing your first book change your writing process? I plan a lot more rather than write intuitively. I think about where I need to be at certain word count and harshly throw in more obstacles for my characters.
4. Do you have any strange writing habits? My background ‘music’ can be the sounds of rain, forests, and the ocean. For the last two weeks, I have been listening to Renaissance lute music.
5. What is your favourite quote? “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou
6. How do you choose the names for your       characters? I try the names on for a bit and see how they feel  – does the character ‘read’ like a real person. Does the name suit? It’s often not whether I like a name but rather whether the character can wear the name with authenticity.
7. Which of your characters would you be least likely to get along with? The bully Tina Scaruffi in Jenna’s Truth is superficial and down right mean and manipulative. I would have very little time for such a girl in real life.
8. What literary character is most like you? Alas, I think I bear more resemblance to Jane Bennett rather than Lizzy. At times, I think I am too naive and innocent and I would much rather be quick witted and clever like Elizabeth. (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)
9. What is the most difficult thing about writing  a character from the opposite sex? Knowing whether their feelings would be genuine and the expectations they are burdened with from their gender
10. What is the hardest thing about writing? Editing. It never seems to end and takes a hundred times longer than actually writing.
11. What got left out of the final draft? The backstory. Half the time a character’s backstory is for the writer but not the reader. Readers are intelligent who don’t need to be spoon fed.
12. If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be? Chill. Life will unfold in its own time. Keep your long term goal in focus. What will be, will be…
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Thank you so much for sharing yourself so openly with us Nadia It was great to get to know you better.

You can buy a copy of Jenna’s Truth here and you can connect with Nadia on facebook or instagram.

Next week on the Sunday Showcase we will be featuring Maureen Eppen author of Every Family is Different.

With Love, Karen. x


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