Our magical team

Karen Mc Dermott


Karen Mc Dermott, founder of Serenity Press, Making Magic Happen Academy and Everything Publishing Academy is an award-winning entrepreneur, multi-genre author of over 20 books, mentor and renowned speaker. She’s also an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives. Her annual retreats are sought after events with featured famous guests.

Her motto is: Where there is a will there is always a way.

Her quote is: When time and circumstance align, magic happens.

Karen is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and vibrant energy with others. She has a 'no excuse' policy, if she can do it, anyone can.

Veronica Galipo

Executive Assistant

Veronica Galipo is a creative, inspired and passionate person with an optimistic, valiant approach to life.

She is passionate about being an integral part of the Karen Mc Dermott team. Together Karen and Veronica are on a mission to inspire, empower and share magic with every individual.

Teena Raffa-Mulligan


Teena Raffa-Mulligan is a reader, writer and daydream believer who is convinced there is magic in every day if we choose to find it.

She writes across genres and her publications include picture books, novels and many short stories and poems for children and adults. Her writing life has also included a long career as a journalist and editor. Teena loves sharing her passion for books and writing with people of all ages and encouraging them to write their own stories.

Monique Mulligan

Senior Editor

Monique, a former newspaper editor, journalist, book reviewer, children’s curriculum writer and magazine editor. Monique is co-director of Serenity Press and also works part-time in an arts centre where she runs the successful Stories on Stage program. Her third picture book, The Bunyip Who Burps, is due out in 2018, and she is now working on her second full-length contemporary novel, Wildflower.

She writes fiction in her spare time, including short romances (Under Her Spell, Fortunate Accident and The Point of Love), picture books My Silly Mum (2016) and Fergus the Farting Dragon (2017), and a contemporary fiction novel Wherever You Go (unpublished).

Natasha Gilmour

Senior Editor

Natasha Gilmour is an editor of print and digital books, a language-loving creative. She has substantial in-house experience in publishing and has worked with many promising new writers, guiding them to the stage where their manuscript shines and is taken seriously. Natasha helps authors express their ideas with clarity and style. Her eye toward details and overall cohesiveness raises the quality of your writing.

As a writer as well as an editor, Natasha knows exactly what it's like to be a writer in this strange new literary and publishing world—from the inside. She will encourage and support you with her wisdom and wonder of words.

Amygdala Design

Design Team

Amygdala Design was started in October 2012 by Norwegian graphic designer Ida Jansson.

The company specializes in eye-catching book covers for authors and publishers all over the world. Over the last 3 years, Amygdala Design has designed covers for both international bestsellers and new, self-publishing authors. In addition to cover design, Amygdala Design now also offer formatting/layout.

Kate Stagg

Parklife Group

A lead influencer in establishing Parklife Graphics in 2012, Kate also contracted for other Perth based design agencies requiring her expertise.

At the end of 2015 Kate made the decision to fully devote all her time to Parklife Graphics after developing a very good reputation locally for knowledge and quality. Kate's expertise includes working direct with clients dealing with international brands, designing packaging for Targets and Coles, giftware for Disney to mobile app and web designs for Bunnings.

Candice Meisels

PR Consultant

Candice Meisels is a PR Consultant specialising in start-ups and small businesses. Her objective is to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs achieve brand awareness and media coverage with limited budget.

Candice has worked in PR management, strategy and implementation for the last decade. She has worked for companies based in Europe, the UK and South Africa and Australia. Career highlights include representing major video game Publishers,working in European PR for Disney in London and setting up my own PR consultancy specialising in start-ups, SME's and everything in between.

Michelle Sanchez


Michelle Sanchez is a freelance copywriter who specialises in website copywriting, SEO copywriting and content marketing. Michelle can help you create engaging blogs and social media posts, newsletters and promotional material; write SEO-driven website content that ranks you higher with search engines; craft a winning author profile that stands out; write feature articles and press releases to raise your profile and get your name out there.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and event management, Michelle understands what businesses need to do to get noticed. Also a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, Michelle has expert knowledge in writing health and wellness copy. She has been a health blogger for many years and written her own e-books.

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