Presentations & Workshops


Award-winning publisher, author and advanced Law of Attraction practitioner Karen McDermott will be running series of presentations and workshops to share her knowledge and wisdom on publishing, book writing, positive mindset and creating a life you love. As a mentor and speaker, Karen is a gifted teacher who inspires others to chase their dreams and make magic happen in their lives.

In the past five years, Karen has built up a highly successful publishing business from scratch, opened a sought-after publishing academy for aspiring authors, written over 20 books across many genres, established a thriving author platform, gained financial freedom and created her dream life. She’s achieved all this by shifting the gears in her mindset so they’re only set to positive and focusing her energy on attracting what she wants into her life.

After attending one of Karen’s events, you’ll walk away with the tools and know-how to write your book, get published and pursue any goal you set for yourself. You’ll be inspired, pumped and ready to get started.

All presentations and workshops take place at The Lab Factory in Rockingham. Places fill up fast so book your spot today!

Alternatively, if you’ve got an event or corporate function coming up and you’d like Karen to come along to give a keynote presentation or run a workshop, you can book her here.



Mindful Magic

Karen believes we all have something special within us to create magic in our lives. During this keynote presentation, she’ll show you how to use the power of your mind to create your dream life. Karen will share her story and the tools she used to make her own magic happen. If you’re stuck-in-a-rut and in need of a positivity boost, this is the event for you!

Write to


If you’ve suffered pain, loss or ill health you’ve no doubt been on a healing journey ever since. Learn how to turn your painful thoughts and emotions into words on a page and be amazed at the healing power it has. Karen will demonstrate how sharing your story creates healing from the inside out. Do not miss this inspiring presentation!

Publishing your

Business Book

Whatever business you’re in, writing a book is a sure-fire way to boost your profile and get you noticed. It’ll position you as an expert in your field, give you credibility and attract free publicity. Karen will teach you how to get your knowledge and expertise out of your head and into the hands of readers. Stop dreaming, make your book happen!



Becoming an author isn’t just writing a book, it’s about creating a brand and business where YOU are the product and service. Learn how build your author profile, create a thriving platform and maximise your author opportunities. You’ll leave with a complete tool-kit and strategy to be a successful author.

Productive Mindfulness

Want to be more productive and less stressed, without having to do extra work? You can! Karen will walk you through specific techniques to re-wire your mindset and clear out negative thought patterns. Using these simple daily practices, you’ll maximise your potential and get more out of your day.

The Power of Knowing

You know the ‘gut’ feeling you get when something feels right? Most people tend to ignore this and then wonder why things don’t pan out as they hoped. During this presentation, Karen will show you how to channel your ‘knowing’ feelings into actionable steps so you can achieve your heart’s desire. Start listening to your soul and live the life you want!



Publishing 101

Anyone can write a book but getting it published is tricky. In this interactive workshop, Karen reveals the secrets to successful publishing and she’ll guide you through the process from start to finish. You’ll go away with all the information you need to get your book published and into bookshops.

Write your


Got an idea for a book but struggling to write it? This is the workshop for you! Karen’s a busy working mum of 6 yet she still finds time to write. She’ll be sharing her book writing formula which is a step-by-step plan for getting your book written. Using this strategy, the words will pour out of you!


Write a book to support your career

Every business can and should write a book. Whether it’s an e-book, workbook or journal, putting all your knowledge and expertise down on paper is a very valuable exercise. It can increase your revenue stream, boost your profile and position you as the go-to person in your industry. Not sure what to write about? After this jam-packed workshop, you’ll be ready to write your first chapter!